Angela G. Pirlott

Social Psychologist

​Saint Xavier University

UWEC MaP Lab, Spring 2014

Some photos of my current and former RAs presenting at conferences and ... 

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UWEC MaP Lab, Spring 2013


UWEC MaP Lab, Fall 2013

Undergraduate Research Lab

MaP Lab: Mating and Prejudice Lab

A large component of my work involves engaging undergraduates in the research process through faculty-student collaborative research. Since Fall 2012, I have collaborated (one-on-one or in teams) with about 45 undergraduate research apprentices. My undergraduate research apprentices are not the research “assistants” who merely run participants or enter data, but I instead take them under my wing as research collaborators and involve and train them in every step of the research process.  They dive right into the research process and I expect them to carry out each step of the research process—from designing the study, preparing the codebook, and submitting IRB materials to programming the study, analyzing the data, and preparing first drafts of the manuscript.

In my first five years as an assistant professor thus far, my research apprentices presented 74 posters at various conferences, including those held by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Human Behavior and Evolution Society, and Midwestern Psychological Association; nearly all of my manuscripts in preparation have student co-authors; and 13 of my apprentices gained acceptance into psychology graduate programs in psychology of their choice. Recently, Reese Butterfuss and Marta Rusten co-authored a paper with me published in ​Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin.